GTO-LOW是次低音音箱,使用与GTO音箱相同的双15寸驱动单元、物理尺寸和吊挂硬件。 反射端口也与GTO配置相同,当组合音箱时,保持阵列的低频连续性。 根据应用、场馆和可用空间,以各种各样的方式使GTO和GTO-LOW组合配置。 GTO-LOW旨在履行两个主要角色:

作为GTO的次低音音箱。 通常通过专用控制器和放大器通道驱动GTO-LOW音箱,并提供出厂选项以通过选择用户预置来延伸低频响应。 在标准模式下,GTO-LOW的频率响应与GTO音箱的低频部分(50Hz到100Hz)相同,但用户也可以选择将GTO-LOW箱体的频段延伸到40Hz。

作为多功能的低频阵列音箱,通过支持的DSP选择正确的用户程序,可以与包括Mantas和Butterfly在内的其他Outline (欧浪) 系统一起使用。 GTO-LOW的频率响应足够灵活,通过一系列的数值来大幅度调整,以适应不同的中/高频单元,并且可以轻松应对高达200Hz的频率。

GTO-LOW模块与GTO具有相同的容积和吊挂硬件,可以轻松集成到GTO阵列中以延伸其整体高度。 根据箱体的精确配置,在GTO阵列中与GTO-LOW音箱组合,增强低频声场覆盖,并延伸阵列的低频响应。 GTO-LOW音箱也可配置成创建低频心型覆盖模式,非常有利于各种项目应用。 好处包括除去舞台上不必要的低频,对混响空间的低频进行更大的控制,以及在声学上具有挑战性的场馆进行更精确的整体系统控制。

GTO-LOW具有与GTO相同的箱体外形,以便在GTO与GTO-LOW系统组合时, 易于储存、运输和搭配,但是也存在一些显着的内部差异。 由于其极高的输入功率和频率响应,整个结构具有广泛的内部龙骨支撑和单件式前挡板,以保持结构完整性。

尽管具有这些额外的内部工艺,GTO-LOW的重量也仅有72 kg(159 lb),含吊挂硬件。

The GTO-LOW is bass extension cabinet which features the same dual 15” drive units, physical dimensions and rigging hardware as the GTO cabinet. The reflex ports are also in the same configuration as GTO which preserves the low-frequency continuity of the array when cabinets are combined. This allows combinations of GTO and GTO-LOW to be deployed in a wide variety of ways depending on the application, venue and available space.

The GTO-LOW is designed to fulfil two main roles:

As a bass-extension cabinet for GTO. GTO-LOW elements are normally driven via dedicated controller and amplifier channels, and a factory option is provided to extend low frequency response by selection of a user preset. In standard mode the frequency response of the GTO-LOW mirrors that of the low frequency section of the GTO cabinet (50Hz to 100Hz), but the user may also choose to extend the range of the GTO-LOW cabinets down to 40Hz if the application requires it.
As a multi-purpose low frequency array element which can be used with other Outline systems including Mantas and Butterfly by selection of the correct user programs within the DSP units supported. The frequency response of GTO-LOW is sufficiently flexible that it can be adjusted significantly through a range of values to suit various mid/high elements, and can easily handle up to 200Hz.
GTO-LOW modules have the same footprint and rigging hardware as GTO, so can be easily incorporated within a GTO array to extend its overall height. Depending on the exact configuration of cabinets, inclusion of GTO-LOW cabinets within a GTO array provides enhanced low frequency directivity and extends the low frequency response of the array. GTO-LOW cabinets may also be configured to create a low-frequency cardioid coverage pattern, which can be extremely beneficial in many applications. Benefits include the removal of unwanted low frequencies on stage, much greater control over low frequencies in reverberant spaces, and more precise overall system control in acoustically challenging venues.

Whilst the GTO-LOW has the same external shape as GTO to facilitate easy storage, transport and inclusion within GTO / GTO-LOW combination systems, there are some significant internal differences. Because of its very high power handling and frequency response the whole structure features extensive internal bracing and a single-piece front baffle to maintain structural integrity.

Despite all this extra internal engineering, GTO-LOW still weighs only 72 kg (159 lb) including the rigging hardware.

FREQUENCY RESPONSE (-10 dB) 28 Hz – 300 Hz
AVERAGE DISPERSION Horizontal: Quasi-omnidirectional
Vertical: Depending on array configuration
IMPEDANCE 2 x 8 Ω (min 2 x 6.5 Ω)
POWER – WAES 2 x 600 (2 x 2400 peak)
MAX SHORT-TERM SPL @ 1 m* 141 dB SPL (free-field)
147 dB SPL (half-space)
LOUDSPEAKERS AND LOADING 2 x 15″ NdFeB Hybrid band-pass loaded woofers
WEIGHT – SINGLE UNIT 72 kg (159 lb)
DIMENSIONS (Net) Height: 465 mm (18 5/16″)
Width: 1126 mm (44 11/32″)
Depth: 655 mm (25 25/32″)
DIMENSIONS (With Pins) Height: 465 mm (18 5/16″)
Width: 1181 mm (46 1/2″)
Depth: 655 mm (25 25/32″)
* referred to GTO HF throat, calculated using +10 dB crest-factor signal


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