SUB 218



    ● 高效率,强大的低频扬声器配备两个18寸优质的传感器

    ● 非常高额定输入功率(9600w AES峰值)和最大的声压级(1米距离上148.5 dB 峰值声压级)

    ● 延伸低频重放低至28Hz

    ● 专有的Outline (欧浪) 设计提供了巨大的“冲击力”

    ● Outline (欧浪)“E.R.P.”(“能量记忆端口”)设计有助于气流,并提高了传感器效率

    ● 箱体表面由聚脲涂层,具有惊人的耐用性和优越的物理性能

    ● 为Outline (欧浪) ‘Openarray‘ 3D声学仿真软件而设计



    ● 所有Outline (欧浪) 产品在意大利构思、设计和制造

    ● Highly efficient, powerful low-frequency loudspeaker fitted with two 18” premium transducers

    ●Very high power handling (9600 watts AES peak) and maximum  spl (148.5 dB SPL peak @ 1 metre)

    ● Extended low-frequency reproduction down to 28 Hz

    ● Proprietary Outline design provides tremendous ‘punch’

    ● Outline ‘E.R.P.’ (‘Energy Retentive Porting’) design assists airflow and enhances transducer efficiency

    ●Finished with , featuring amazing durability and superior physical properties

    ● Design file for Outline ‘Openarray’ 3D acoustic simulation software

    ● Optional trolley-board using a ‘stack & strap’ method of location – aids handling and transportation

    ●Six integrated handles

    ● Conceived, designed and manufactured exclusively in Italy (as are all Outline products)



    ● 高端的固定安装,适用于需要延伸低频扩声的场所,包括舞蹈俱乐部、音乐表演场馆、剧院、音乐厅、室内运动场馆、主题公园和现代化礼拜场所

    ● 所有Outline (欧浪) 线 / 点源系统的理想搭档

    ●High-quality permanent installations  in any location which requires extended  low-frequency reinforcement  including dance clubs, live music venues, theatres,  concert halls, indoor sports arenas, theme parks and modern worship locations

    ● An ideal partner for all Outline line/point-source systems.

SUB 218 产品描述

SUB 218是一个高输出的次低音系统,配备两个长冲程18寸传感器。 因此非常适合那些需要超强低音来表现的应用,包括现场音乐表演和舞蹈场馆。

SUB 218特别适合重放现代舞蹈音乐,因为该设计不仅提供延伸的低频重放(低至28Hz),而且通常由真正的和合成的低音鼓产生的内部和周围的频率表现巨大的“冲击力”。


这是Outline (欧浪) 专有的“E.R.P.”(“能量记忆端口”)设计的结果。 基于流体动力学原理,并成功应用于控制扬声器箱体内气动力的科学,这种特殊形状端口的独特配置确保了最佳的气流。


这种设计需要高精度的制造技术,Outline (欧浪) 的工程团队已经应用了一些原创的生产技术,将一个激动人心的概念转化为物理现实。

The SUB  218 is a high output sub-bass  system equipped with two long-excursion  18” transducers. Consequently it is ideal for those applications requiring super-powerful sub bass delivery, including live music and dance venues.

The SUB 218 is particularly well-suited to reproducing modern dance music as the design provides not only extended low-frequency reproduction (down to 28 Hz) but also tremendous ‘punch’ in and around the frequencies normally produced by both real and synthetic bass drums.

This focus and clarity not only enhances the reproduction of program material but also makes the most efficient use of amplifier power.

This is a result of Outline’s proprietary ‘E.R.P.’ (‘Energy Retentive Porting’) design. Based on the principles of fluid dynamics and successfully applied to the science of controlling pneumatic forces within a loudspeaker enclosure, this unique arrangement of specially-shaped ports ensures an optimum airflow.

This reduces internal turbulence, maximising the efficiency of the transducers and thus allowing more amplifier power to be converted into acoustic energy.

Such a design requires high-precision manufacturing techniques, and Outline’s engineering team have

applied some original production techniques to turn an exciting concept into a physical reality.



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