EIDOS 215 S和EIDOS 118 S适用于低频的高声压级扩声。 它们分别为低音反射式系统和带通式系统,EIDOS 215S配备双38cm(15寸)驱动单元,EIDOS 118S配备单46cm (18寸)驱动单元。为了处理超过扬声器(电)功率容量的(峰值)功率值,长冲程低音扬声器都配有解调环。EIDOS 108S是为需要低频并需要离散化定位的不同用途而设计。 紧凑型箱体使其可以安装在狭窄紧凑的地方内,EIDOS 108S的双开孔带通式设计,配备单8寸驱动单元,能够准确地重放低至38Hz的低频,高达118dB的峰值声压级。所有Eidos超低音音箱都可以精确地重放音频频谱的低音,并且具有足够的信号动态来重放所有类型的音乐。性能非常高,这要归功于选择和设计精确的组件而且还需要精心选择和优化不同箱体所需的负载技术。箱体内置坚固的酚醛胶合15mm波罗的海桦木胶合板,即使在户外使用也能抵抗潮湿。内部箱体支撑以及附加刚度的长调谐开孔使面板变硬,以避免振动。 箱体表面采用优质的防刮黑漆喷涂处理。箱体的面罩是抗谐振透声泡沫海绵的钢制网罩。 有多个M8吊装点,使EIDOS超低音音箱可以轻松地搭载吊挂硬件。

EIDOS 215 S and EIDOS 118 S are suited to the high SPL reinforcement of low frequencies. They are respectively, a bass-reflex system and a band-pass system, the 215S is equipped with twin 38 cm (15″) and the 118S is loaded with a single 46 cm (18″) Drive-unit. In order to handle (peak) power values that exceeds the loudspeakers’ (electrical) power capacity, both cabinets use long-excursion woofers fitted with demodulating rings.

EIDOS 108S has been designed for a different purpose where Low-frequencies are needed but discrete placement is required. The compact nature of this cabinet allows installation within the tightest of places. Based on a dual-port band-pass design and utilising a single 8″ drive-unit the EIDOS 108S can faithfully reproduce the lower frequencies down to 38Hz and up to a peak SPL of 118 dB.

All Eidos subwoofers can accurately reproduce the bottom end of the audio spectrum, and are sufficiently dynamic to reproduce all types of music. Performance is very high thanks to the selection and design of the correct components, but also to the careful choice and optimisation of the loading techniques that different enclosures require.

The cabinets are built in sturdy phenolic glued 15 mm Baltic birch plywood, that is resistant to damp, even in outdoor applications. Inside, the cabinets bracing as well as the long tuning ports which act as additional rigidity stiffens the panels to avoid vibration. the external finish is in high quality scratch-resistant black paint. The front of the cabinet is protected by an anti-resonant steel grille covered with sound-transparent foam. There are a number of M8 flying points, enabling EIDOS subwoofers to be easily fitted with flying hardware.


Frequency Response (-10 dB) 34 Hz – 2.4 kHz
Suggested Cross-Over max 150 Hz
Nominal Dispersion Quasi-Omnidirectional
Impedance (Nom/Min) 4 Ω / 3 Ω
Watt AES (Continuous/Peak) 1200 W / 4800 W
Maximum SPL Output * 144 dB SPL
* calculated using +10 dB Crest Factor signal @ 1 m, half space


Component 2 x 15″ direct radiation woofers
Connectors 1 x NL4 Pins 1+/1-
Cabinet Material Baltic birch plywood
Cabinet Finish Black polyurea coating
Grill Epoxy powder coated
Installation Points 16 x M8 threaded points
Pole Mount M20 threaded point
Height 450 mm – 17 3/4″
Width 940 mm – 37″
Depth 680 mm – 26 3/4″
Weight 54.4 kg – 119.9 lb


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