全新的Outline (欧浪) EIDOS 265 LA专为中小型巡回演出和电影院、教堂的观众席以及酒吧前台区域的工程项目而设计,是语言扩声、现场音乐扩声和节目内容的最佳的高性价比选择。 该系统体现了Outline (欧浪) 产品所具有的音频质量,而且体积紧凑,价格极具吸引力。 所需的工作量是开发一个入门级的线阵列系统,可以与当今市场上更大、更重、更昂贵的系统挑战。 EIDOS 265 LA就是这样做到的。 与全新的FlySub 15无源超低音音箱完全兼容,两者一起可传送清晰的全音域声音。

EIDOS 265 LA是一个无源扬声器线阵列系统,配备两个6.5寸的中低音单元 (各有一个1.75寸的音圈和铁氧体磁铁),以及一个高音1.4寸喉部出口压缩驱动器(2.5 寸音圈)。 这两个中低音单元都是低音反射式负载的,位于箱体正面的挡板内,形成了一个半直接的辐射系统。 高频驱动器由波导负载,波导具有特别设计的声学透镜,以在阵列配置中耦合时在高音单元之间获得完美的汇总。

高频组件安装在低音单元之间:这提供了可控的、对称的水平覆盖范围(标称为100度)。 垂直扩散足够窄以创建垂直阵列,并当用于该阵列的“呈弧形”配置时,足够宽以创建可预测的覆盖范围。

Eidos 265 LA和(其搭配的低音音箱)Flysub 15的吊挂件的生产制造是面面俱到的。 所使用的材料(一种特殊的铝合金)和包括机械和化学的一系列处理的组合确保了极大的硬度(500HV)。 后一个因素对于保持高效运行以及经受时间的压力、腐蚀和磨损具有极好的抗力起到了决定性的作用。

实际上,系统中使用的吊挂件可以安装多达16只垂直线阵列的箱体,或者搭配Flysub 15超低音音箱。 轻型的铝制悬挂支架可创建吊索和堆叠阵列,以实现系统的灵活性。 为了提供真正卓越的声音体验,阵列的低频响应可以通过一个或多个FLYSUB 15低音单元进行延伸。

EIDOS 265 LA is a passive loudspeaker line array element. It features two 6.5″ mid-woofers (1.75″ voice coil and ferrite magnet) and a 1.4″ throat-exit compression driver (2.5″ voice coil) on a dedicated waveguide. Between the two bandwidths, filtering is carried out by an internal passive cross-over, utilizing top-grade components. Up to 4 cabinets can be powered from a single channel of Outline’s T5-DSP amplification. Each EIDOS 265 LA has a nominal impedance of 8 Ω and can handle up to 500 W AES and 2000 W peak. Connection is in the form of two NL4 wired in parallel.

The two mid-woofers are bass-reflex loaded and are housed within the baffle located at the front of the enclosure, creating a semi-direct radiation system. The HF driver is loaded onto the waveguide which features an acoustic lens, specifically designed to obtain perfect summation between HF sections when coupled in an array configuration. The HF assembly is placed between the woofers. This gives a controlled, symmetrical horizontal dispersion (nominally 100°). The vertical dispersion is sufficiently narrow to create a vertical array, but is wide enough to create a predictable coverage when used in a ‘curved’ configuration (which is suggested for this array type).

In order to ensure extremely high resistance to stress, corrosion and abrasion. The integrated suspension hardware is designed from a combination of top quality materials and industrial treatments. The result is a rigging system that is light weight, simple to operate and set up. The array angles between enclosures is selectable from 0° to 10° with a 1° step and up to sixteen EIDOS 265 LA can be flown in the same array. The light-weight aluminium suspension frame allows the creation of both flown and stacked arrays. If necessary, the array’s low-frequency response can be extended via one or more FLYSUB 15 bass-unit.

The cabinet is built from high-quality birch plywood, the trapezoidal shape is optimised in order to achieve a very compact size. A sturdy steel painted grille, internally covered by sound-transparent foam, provides superior physical protection for the components housed at the front of the system. Four recessed handles facilitate handling and dedicated flight-cases make transportation easy and safe.

FREQUENCY RESPONSE (-10 dB) 63 Hz – 20 kHz
Vertical: Depending on array configuration
IMPEDANCE 8 Ω (min 6.1 Ω)
POWER – W AES 500 (200 peak)
MAX SHORT-TERM SPL @ 1 m, free-field* 132 dB SPL
LOUDSPEAKERS AND LOADING Low: 2 x 6.5″ bass reflex loaded woofer, semi-direct radiation system
High: 1 x 2.5″ diaphragm compression driver, wave-guide loaded
WEIGHT – SINGLE UNIT 21 kg (46.3 lb)
DIMENSIONS Height: 234 mm (9 7/32″)
Width: 550 mm (21 21/32″)
Depth: 418 mm (16 15/32″)
* calculated using +10 dB crest-factor signal


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