Doppia II 9075是一款专业的三分频全频扬声器系统,带 “A” 型号的音箱用三路功放来推动或带 “P” 型号的音箱内置低损耗分频、用双路功放来推动中音/高音。 它包括两个混合反射 / 带通配置的12寸低音,一个高效10寸中音,其由方形开口、低压缩比、低失真的对称波导负载,和一个带有2寸喉部和负载保护的3寸钛膜的高音,其由一个非对称控制的方向性号角负载,该方向性号角也有一个方形开口,并且可以在箱体内部轴线上旋转90°以便改变水平 / 垂直指向性。 在-10dB时,声音重放带宽为60.5Hz÷19.7kHz,在77Hz〜18.9kHz范围内具有±3dB以内的高线性度,适用于多种应用。

用三路功放推动时,系统对于1m距离的102dB 声压级的低音、1m距离的107dB 声压级的中音以及1m距离的超过109dB的声压级的高音具有高灵敏度。 在最大峰值功率的驱动下,每个频段可产生最大峰值分别为138dB 的声压级(低音)、142dB 的声压级(中音)和141dB 的声压级(高音)。 总体的短期峰值声压级为145.5 dB声压级。

每个频段的最大允许功率分别为:低音为400W AES(1,600峰值)、中音为300W AES(1,200峰值)、高音为150W AES(600峰值)。从500Hz到4kHz的平均覆盖范围是100°水平和100°垂直,从500Hz到10,000Hz是100°水平和90°垂直,适用于中短射程的应用。梯形箱体采用高品质15mm波罗的海胶合板制成,内部复合结构坚固以及内部支架布置合理,消除了箱体两侧的共振。表面采用高品质的黑色防刮漆处理。该箱体有6个快速吊挂点,使用适当的配件,让垂直或水平吊挂变得非常容易和可靠。箱体正面有嵌入式插口,可方便装进手推车,用于运输过程中保护玻璃纤维波导。集成到箱体侧面板上的六个嵌入式的把手方便装卸时的正面紧握。

Doppia II 9075 is a professional full range 3-way loudspeaker system, in version “A” for tri-amping or version “P” for bi-amping with passive low-loss crossover built in for the mid/high frequency section. It comprises a low frequency section using two 12” loudspeakers in hybrid reflex/band-pass configuration, a mid section with a high efficiency 10” loudspeaker loaded by a symmetric wave guide with a square mouth and low compression ratio and low distortion and a high frequency section using a compression driver with a 2” throat and 3” titanium diaphragm with overload protection, loaded by an asymmetric controlled directivity horn which also has a square mouth and can be turned through 90° on its axis inside the cabinet in order to change the horizontal/vertical dispersion. The acoustic reproduced bandwidth is 60.5 Hz – 19.7 kHz at -10 dB, with a great linearity of within ±3 dB from 77 Hz to 18.9 kHz, for the reproduction of many types of applications.

When tri-amplified, the system has high sensitivity for the low section 102 dB SPL at 1 m, 107 dB SPL at 1 m for the mid section and over 109 dB SPL at 1 m for the HF section. Driven at maximum peak power, each section is able to produce a maximum peak of 138 dB SPL (low), 142 dB SPL (mid) and 141 dB SPL (high) at 1 m. The overall short-term peak SPL is 145.5 dB SPL.

The maximum allowed power for each section is 400 Watt AES (1,600 peak) for basses, 300 Watt AES (1,200 peak) for midrange and 150 Watt AES (600 peak) for high. Average dispersion from 500 Hz to 4 kHz is 100° horizontal and 100° vertical, from 500 Hz to 10,000 Hz is 100° horizontal and 90° vertical for short and medium throw applications. The trapezoidal cabinet is built in high quality 15 mm baltic plywood, strengthened by the complex internal structure and suitably positioned internal bracing to eliminate any resonance of the cabinet’s sides. The black outer finish is in high quality scratch-resistant paint. The cabinet has 6 fast flying points, that makes vertical or horizontal hanging extremely easy and reliable, by using the appropriate optional accessories. The front of the enclosure has recessed sockets for fitting an optional trolley, for handling and protecting the fibreglass wave guides during transport. Six recessed integrated handles in the side panels of the cabinet are used for a positive grip during handling.

FREQUENCY RESPONSE (-10 dB) 60.5 Hz – 19.7 kHz
IMPEDANCE Low: 8 Ω (min 8.5 Ω)
Mid: 8 Ω (min 8 Ω)
High: 16 Ω (min 10.8 Ω)
POWER – W AES Low: 400 (1600 peak)
Mid: 300 (1200 peak)
High: 150 (600 peak)
MAX SHORT-TERM SPL @ 1 m* 145.5 dB SPL
CONNECTORS (active version) 2 x NL8 Speakon in parallel
Low: pin 2+ (pos); pin 2- (neg)
Mid: pin 1+ (pos); pin 1- (neg)
High: pin 1+ (pos); pin 1- (neg)
LOUDSPEAKERS AND LOADING Low: 2 x 12″ Hybrid loading Vented Box
Mid: 1 x 10″ Wave Guide loaded
High: 1 x 2″ Exit (3″ diaphragm), Wave Guide loaded
WEIGHT – SINGLE UNIT 55 kg (121.3 lb)
DIMENSIONS Height: 740 mm (29 1/8″)
Width: 550 mm (21 21/32″)
Depth: 600 mm (23 5/8″)
* calculated using +10 dB crest-factor signal, free-field


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